Climate Action for Queensland

Now is the time for all Queenslanders to make their voice heard. That is why Together has established the Our Queensland Our Future campaign to provide all Queenslanders with an opportunity to join the movement for real action on climate change – before it is too late.

What's this about?

We know climate change is real and extreme weather events are getting worse. Queenslanders from the Gold Coast to the Torres Strait understand that climate change, extreme weather and environmental damage are real threats to our communities. Tragically, we have seen the catastrophic bushfire conditions lead to devastating fires that are still burning across Australia. The experience of summer 2019/2020 is with only 1 degree of warming - at the moment, the world is on track for more like 4.

The Climate Council have created a clear explanation for how climate change creates and exacerbates extreme weather, and a guide to having a conversation with people you know about this.

Can we do something about this?

Yes - by reducing the amount of pollution, also referred to as emissions, Australia produces we can mitigate and reduce the impact of climate change.

Australia needs to do our part - we are contributing an increasing amount per person to global warming and climate change. Australia's population is 0.33% of the world, and our country is responsible for at least 2% of global emissions (this does not include imports or exports).

Australia can reduce emissions through firm government regulation and changes, as we have tackled many big and difficult issues in the past. From providing healthcare through Medicare, to regulating gun ownership, Australia can and has taken the lead to save the lives of regular people. This reduction includes reducing the emissions from major areas such as industry, transport and energy - such as coal seam gas extraction, energy efficiency of vehicles, and transitioning to renewable energy.

Why isn't Australia acting?

The Federal Government, supported by the Business Council of Australia, refuses to take emissions reduction seriously. Australia have signed on to the Paris agreement which requires Australia to reduce emissions by at least 26% below 2005 levels by 2030. We can meet our targets but we are not on track.

That means we need to be taking action now. Instead, the lawyers and accountants supporting the federal government are trying to get out of our obligations. Using a technical loophole where dodgy old credits from the Kyoto agreement to balance the ledger, they are delaying real action. It's an accounting trick that won't stand up when we actually measure the pollution in the air, or feel the heat of hotter summers.

Loopholes, tricks and legalese won't stop climate change and disasters worsening. Practical, real reductions backed by science will.

Sign our petition now to show your support for real action - maintaining strong and real targets backed by science and real on the ground experience, not lawyers' and accountants' spin.